Designed for the ultimate custom fit and engineered for maximum performance, Zone Mouthguard is a patented combination of medical grade EVA and a proprietary blend of PVS material. Zone naturally aligns your jaw using MORA to protect against impact and improve your athletic performance.

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Our patented, zero-pain technology makes the old-school method of boiling plastic a thing of the past.


Ditch the dentist office, and get a mouthguard that's custom fitted to your mouth for a fraction of the price.


The relationship between aligned jaw posture and increased muscular strength for athletes is real.

Amazing Feedback

As Seen at Dick's

Sporting Goods.

After finding success at retail stores, we decided to bring our technology to the masses. Your

support was unprecedented, and we wanted to take a minute to show off.


Sunland, CA

"This product was easy to make, and it fits really snug. It took me less than 5 minutes to make, and I was able to make it right on the field. I love it! I'm a soccer player, and I feel more flexible when I play with it, too.


New Braunfels, TX

"Both of our boys play sports, and we have a lot of $$$ invested in their teeth. This was easy to use, especially after bad results with the boil and form mouthguards we used in the past. When you consider the custom fit and the teeth it protects, i's totally worth every penny!"


Champagne, IL

"I can't believe it took this long for a company to invent a better mouthguard for athletes. It's extremely easy to mold, and it fits my 14 year old great. She's worn it for 3 weeks of practice now and says it's super comfortable in her mouth."

Custom-Fit Mouth Protection

Dentist fit.

No office visit.

In the past, athletes had to schedule multiple visits to the dentist office and spend hundreds of dollars for custom fitted mouth protection. We figured out a way to keep you on the field and out of the dentist chair while offering professional-level collision and concussion protection at a fraction of the price.

  • $15,000 Dental Warranty

  • 75% Less Expensive


Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews

Outstanding mouthguard. Simple, easy to complete and the kids love them!


Outstanding mouthguard! My kids absolutely loved the process. They had fun making their own mouthguard and loved the color of it! Bunch of teammates have asked about them! Highly recommend!


Doesn't mold well you are too slow with forming

Charles Wood

I wish I had thought not to have my son bite down all the way. There are hard spots that, depending on the shape of your mouth, could rub your mouth's roof. One pair was perfect for one kid and the other I'll have to cut a part off so it doesn't rub the roof of his mouth. Some warning about that would have made this 5 stars for me.

Edward Doughty
Flat out Impressive!

Such a great idea and very well constructed. It’s like having a professionally made dental mouth guard. Fits perfect because of the quality of the molding material. Most importantly, my 9-year old son (plays football) loves it. It’s not bulky, it doesn’t rub or hurt his gums. Any piece of protective equipment that doesn’t distract or hinder an athlete, in my opinion, helps an athlete. It gives them the added confidence to play worry free and focus on what matters. Well done!